Dark rainbow dragon.png|thumb|264px|right|the ultimate addition to the dark dragon deck]]
Dark rainbow dragon

the ultimate addition to the dark dragon deck

!!Welcome to dark dragon deck wiki!!

the dark dragon deck is devoted to the public editing to the dark dragon deck which is a yu-gi-oh card game deck that needs the public's help to make it the best!

because this is my first wiki i haven't been able to put tonnes of info and descriptions in so if you can just put in little notes or paragraphs to help me out a little on any page you come across that you feel needs editing. thank-you.


at home i have created a deck called the dark dragon deck. it is made up of dark monsters dragon monsters and ultimately powerful performance enhancing spells. but i realised that i can not do this alone so i turned to the public for help on strategies on the game and good cards i can add to the deck. on this you can create a page about any card or strategy ect. that you think should be used in this deck, i'm trying to get others to make the dark dragon deck so they can feel the pride that i feel over winning a card game.

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